What you apply for and where you apply makes ALL the difference!  Don't take chances! 

As a person with diabetes, you have more options than you might realize. Buying life insurance as a diabetic depends on several factors. The main factor depends entirely on your CONTROL of the condition. Are you taking your meds? Is your A1c reading in acceptable range? If the answer is yes, then congratulations, you have several options! If no, you still have options, just not as many. How and where you apply is key.

When buying life insurance with diabetes, you must:

  • Use a knowledgeable agent like us who understands the condition and how it affects the process of getting life coverage.  This is an absolute MUST. This can be a challenge, as the vast majority of agents aren't trained to handle these cases. This is one of the main reasons so many cases are declined or postponed.
  • Take care of yourself. You're on a treatment regimen….stay on it!
  • Know when (and when NOT) to apply for a policy that requires a medical exam. Sometimes a medical exam can be a great way to get a lower premium. Other times, it may be THE REASON you're declined for ANY coverage at all! Sometimes it helps to take an exam and sometimes it actually HURTS! If your condition is well controlled, an exam is fine. If it's not under control, you’d be well-advised to go a different route. Again, your agent should be able to advise you.

Get something in place. If you don’t have anything in place now, don’t feel like you have to get all the insurance in place at one time. You may need to get some now and some later. We advise people all the time to “get what we know will issue now” and then, once in place, go for the rest. This takes the pressure off knowing that you have a policy in place!