We offer insured dental and vision care plans as well as dental and vision care discount plans.  In almost all cases, these plans are available to individuals regardless of age, and health questions are not asked as part of the application.

You can apply entirely on-line for any of the insured or discount plans offered on the linked pages.  Other carriers offer dental (and some offer vision) insurance on their sites, and a few also offer discount plans.  Please call us at 877-734-3884 for more information about any of these plans, as well as any of the plans offered here.  We can also help you apply if you don't want to apply on your own on-line.

A few carriers offer plans (for example, senior dental and dental, vision and hearing) that are designed specifically for seniors. We find that the plans we offer on these pages work most cost effectively for individuals of all ages, and that's why we feature these plans. However, one of the specially designed plans for seniors could be more appropriate for you, and if you'd like to obtain details on any of these plans, please call us at 877-734-3884.

See Frequently Asked Questions about dental plans and vision plans.                                

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