International Travel Medical Plans

International travelers protect themselves from costly health care abroad with Geo Blue travel medical insurance. All policies are offered through GeoBlue which is a Blue Cross affiliate company.  Until recently, depending on the state, some policies were written through Geo Blue and some were written through HTH.   Go abroad with peace of mind knowing you have international travel insurance.

If you're travelling abroad and have any concerns about how you'll be covered under your health insurance plan, you should consider purchasing international travel coverage. We recommend checking with your health insurance carrier (or call us at 877-734-3884) to determine how you'll be covered under your plan. Generally, you'll find that your plan, if it covers international travel at all, will cover you only for emergencies or will provide coverage with relatively low lifetime limits and coinsurance.

Please review these plans to determine whether you qualify and to determine which coverage is right for you.

GeoBlue offer a choice of two single trip plans as well as a multiple trip plan.   When you go to the link, the HTH site comes up BUT when you ask for quotes based on your zip code the site will redirect you to GeoBlue for the quote.

For single trips, Voyager Choice offers coverage up to age 84 for trips of up to 6 months and requires that the individual have a health plan; Voyager Essential does not require other health insurance and offers coverage up to age 74.  The multiple trip plan offers maximum coverage of $100,000 for individuals age 70-84.

Please call us at 877-734-3884 for further information and assistance.

Other Types of Policies Offered

Geo Blue offers trip protection, as well as expatriate medical and international student health plans.