Heart Attack/
Stroke/Cancer Policies That Can Include Hospital Indemnity

One carrier has a very innovative cancer and heart attack and stroke insurance policy. You purchase either a first diagnosis cancer policy and/or heart attack and stroke policy in units between $5,000 and $100,000.

You can then add a choice of several riders to the policy that cover hospital care:

  • EITHER a hospital indemnity rider; or
  • An intensive care unit rider.
  • OR you can buy a combined hospital and intensive care unit rider.
You can buy these policies in units of $100 to $1,000 per day (intensive care unit coverage is double under the combined rider).

You can also tailor the policy further by adding a choice of several other riders.

You can purchase this policy with issue ages up to age 99.  Coverage limits, issue ages and other provisions vary by state.  Hospital and intensive care unit benefits are reduced by 50% at age 65.

States like Florida are very restrictive about approving stand-alone hospital indemnity policies, and such policies there are generally available only up to age 65.  Since this policy provides hospital indemnity benefits as a rider to a basic Cancer and/or Heart Attack and Stroke policy, you CAN purchase hospital indemnity coverage in Florida if you purchase one of these policies.

This policy can be bought for families, and children between ages 18 and 26 can convert to their own policies without evidence of insurability.

This is an excellent policy for individuals of all eligible ages (including seniors) to consider.