Prescription drug coverage is an Essential Health Benefit under the Affordable Care Act and prescription drug coverage must be included in all Affordable Care Act-qualified plans. Copays, coinsurance and deductibles for covered prescription drugs count against the maximum-of-pocket limit for Affordable Care Act plans.  Medicare beneficiaries can enroll in a Part D Prescription Drug plan which offers coverage for outpatient drugs.

However, individuals (1) may not have Affordable Care Act or Part D Prescrtption drug coverage; (2) may have reached the donut hole in their Medicare Part D plan; (3) may be taking a drug that is not included in their plan's formulary; or (4)  otherwise might qualify for some kind of assistance with their drug costs. 

Good Rx  offers discounts for many medications.  You may find that the price of a particular drug with these discounts is less than what you would pay through your prescription drug plan.

Here are fifteen tips for saving money on prescription drugs.

You may be interested in purchasing drugs from Canada or other countries directly.  Please call us at 877-734-3884 for details about how these programs work.

Two discount programs are listed on this site. Note that these are not insured plans. 

The first is a free discount card available regardless of age. You might receive a lower price by using the card than if you use your insurance plan. 

The second is a savings card that you can purchase up to age 64.  Buying and using this card could lower your drug costs.  Check out your medications to determine if buying the card might save you money on your prescriptions.