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1. What's The Difference Between Dental Insurance And Discount Cards With Dental Discounts?


With dental INSURANCE you pay a monthly premium to an insurance carrier. You pay the dentist directly for any copays or coinsurance. The insurance company pays the dentist directly for the remainder of the charges not covered by the copay or coinsurance. Many of these plans have deductibles. You're responsbile for paying the deductible.

Most dental plans have waiting periods for services other than preventive care, but there are insured dental plans listed on the site that have no waiting periods at all or waiting periods for some but not all services. Insured dental plans have yearly maximums on what is payable under the plan.

With a dental DISCOUNT or SAVINGS plan you pay the dentist directly at the time dental services are rendered, generally in accordance with a published schedule. The company offering the discount program does not pay any money to the provider. You pay a monthly or annual fee in exchange for discounted rates at participating dental providers. Discount dental plans have no waiting periods or annual limits. Services can be received ONLY from providers who participate in the program. NOTE: these are discount plans and are NOT insurance.