Term Insurance

If it is pure, inexpensive protection you are seeking, TERM LIFE fits the bill. Term life rates just keep getting lower, and we have access to all the major carriers in the United States. We offer 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35-year term options, as well as a policy from one carrier that permits you to select term periods in one-year increments for any specific period between 15 and 30 years and also offers 10 and 35 year term.  We also offer the popular Return of Premium option. Whether you're protecting a mortgage, a child’s education, or just providing peace-of-mind for your family, we have the right policy for you. 

Universal Life Insurance

If you need permanent protection, but don’t want the additional cost of a traditional whole life plan, a Universal life policy is the right fit. We have policies that are guaranteed not to lapse even if you live to be 121 years old! We can dial the benefits to the level you need at a premium you can afford. If you want a little market exposure to build a cash account, you might try one of our many Indexed Universal Life options!

Whole Life Insurance

If you are a traditionalist, whole life is still a big player. Cash accumulation, level guaranteed values and premiums are still big attractions for traditional whole life insurance. We offer a variety of whole life options with major carriers for a variety of uses. Whether for Estate Planning or just a final expense policy, we are comfortable we can get you the best rate out there! 

Final Expense

This is a special form of whole life insurance intended to be used to pay for funeral and burial costs.  Policies are issued on a "simplified issue" basis, which means that the applicant needs to answer a few health questions but does not need to have a paramedical exam.  A telephone interview is usually required. Coverage limits vary by carrier and age, but it's common to see policies issued in amounts up to $25,000 or $35,000, and one carrier offers coverage up to $100,000.

Business Insurance

Do you have an employee that works for you and is responsible for much of your business revenue? If so, congratulations! Have you ever pondered what would happen to your business if something tragically happened to him/her? A KEY MAN policy may be an excellent solution to this very common problem. Purchased by the business, KEY MAN insurance insures that your business will carry on in the event that a key employee dies.

This type of coverage can also be called BUSINESS CONTINUATION insurance. Are you in a partnership? Have you discussed or thought about what would happen if you or your partner suddenly died? Are you comfortable with the thought of being in business with his/her heirs? If not, you need to look into a BUY/SELL policy. This type of policy guarantees a buyer for a deceased partner's share of the business in case the unthinkable happens. The business can go on and the deceased partner’s family can access the much needed cash to help rebuild after their loss. 

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