If you've had a heart attack or stroke, a serious health condition like COPD, or if you're seriously overweight, it can be very difficult to get life insurance. However, at least some insurance carriers are changing their thinking because of improvements in medical practice that are leading to improved mortality and are modifying their underwriting (i.e. policy review and approval practices).   Whereas in the past carriers considered everyone with a particular condition the same way (some call this the "bucket approach"), at least some carriers and underwriters now look at each applicant on a case-by-case basis. Early detection and control are becoming recognized as important factors. Examples of conditions where more liberal underwriting is being applied in at least some cases are: 

  • Breast cancer;
  • HIV Positives;
  • Weight Loss Surgery;
  • Prostrate Cancer and High PSA Levels;
  • Multiple Basal Cell Carcinomas;
  • Bipolar Disorder;
  • Sleep Apnea; and
  • Skin Cancer

The key to getting approval is to find an agent/agency like us that is knowledgeable, has access to many different carriers and underwriters, shops the coverage, and works with the client to obtain as much information as possible.  Carriers are often not consistent with these kinds of cases; they may approve one case and then disapprove another case that appears to be almost identical.

We succeed because we shop every case--even the simplest--with a multitude of carriers.  We have proprietary coverage tables where we know how certain carriers look at certain conditions.  We also offer simplified issue final expense policies with companies that have no weight tables and that approve certain conditions that other carriers will not cover.

You may have been declined or rated-up for life insurance because you dealt with an agent who did not shop the case, dealt with only one carrier, or was not familiar with the market.  We've been able to get insurance for individuals who were rejected for coverage elsewhere and have obtained lower rates for those who were insured at higher premiums by other carriers.

We cannot be successful on every case because (1) medical records can be different from the medical facts we are given when shopping the case or (2) some conditions like stage 3 and 4 cancers are simply not insurable.  However, our agents are familiar with the market and the "friendly" carriers and underwriters and we can often be successful where other agents or agencies have failed.  We also offer what is called "guarantee issue" insurance where other life insurance coverage options are not an alternative.

We look at each situation and advise clients whether it is better to apply with companies that require medical exams or with companies that have simplified medical underwriting and do not ask for medical records.  We often suggest that clients get what insurance they can now so they have at least some  coverage to protect their families and look to obtain additional insurance if or when their condition improves. 

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