When you're trying to get a life policy as a diabetic, the process can be tricky.  Bad advice abounds, but if you follow some simple steps, you can almost always get coverage issued.

If you have no insurance now, be careful about taking a medical exam.  Why?  Because you need to get insurance in place for your family.

Unless you know exactly what the examiner is going to find when testing your blood and urine, you should avoid policies that require a paramed exam.  You don't want the paramed to be your first physical exam in three years.  If they find something new in your health, it may ruin your chances for getting anything at all.  Remember what you are trying to do.  Everyone wants a good deal, but this is about your family and they need the coverage.  You may need to take a bit less than you originally wanted, but it's better than nothing isn't it?  Get a policy in place first and then shop later for better rates.  Make sense?

So what do you do?  Find an agent like us who specializes in life insurance for diabetics.  We know what the carriers and types of policies that will maximize your chances of getting approved.  Once your policy is in place, we can get more aggressive in finding something that is better-priced or has a higher face amount.