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What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

Short-Term Health plans offer temporary coverage with limited benefits. They are not Affordable Care Act-compliant, don't cover pre-existing conditions, and most are not guaranteed issue, which means that the insurance company can ask you health questions and can reject you for a health condition. (Select carriers in some states offer Short-Term Health plans that are guaranteed issue, but these plans do exclude pre-existing conditions.)

These types of plans DON'T exempt you from the tax penalty for not having "minimum essential coverage" under the law. As required by regulations effective April 1, 2017, Short-Term Health plans currently can be purchased ONLY for a maximum of a three-month term but they can be renewed for additional periods in accordance with state law (renewals are governed by the provisions of state law) and carrier provisions if the applicant qualifies at the time of renewal.

Some carriers have implemented procedures where you can buy multiple 3-month policies (2 to a maximum of 4 policies depending on the carrier) but have to successfully answer the required health questions ONLY at the time of the initial application and also do not charge you enrollment fees after purchasing the first policy.  These carriers require you to enroll for each succeeding policy PRIOR to the expiration of the preceding policy.

Most states and carriers permit multiple renewals.  

We are aware of only one national carrier that permits selling Short-Term Health plans on a child-only basis; with other carriers children must be included in an adult's policy and qualify medically in order to be eligible for enroll in a Short-Term Health policy.

Short-Term Plans Can Help in These Situations   

What Short-Term Health Plans Offer

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